I have always been an expressive, creative individual. I was drawn to the arts at an early age and naturally gravitated towards photography as my medium of choice.

I find that photography possesses a visually enticing, thought provoking ability that stimulates the mind while conveying messages and emotions. Human nature and behavior very much intrigue me, playing a central theme in my concepts. I am inspired by the world around me to create a scene within a photo that tells a story. My intent with my art is to present these influences in a dramatic format for the rest of the world to interpret.

I am compelled by an ongoing thirst to create, to express what I think and experience artistically through the power of the photograph.

In addition to my photo art I am also available for hire for various photography related projects. Feel free to contact me with your project ideas.

All photos are available for purchase in print, please contact me with your interests.

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